Designed for aquatic activities, the GoPro Bite Mount + Floaty lets you capture hands-free POV footage from a unique perspective. The mount features an ergonomic mouthpiece to hold on to while you’re swimming, surfing, or diving. The back of the mount also integrates a highly visible foam floaty just in case you let go, making your GoPro easy to spot and grab. We stock versions compatible with HERO 8 Black which attaches directly to the camera itself.

Handy Mounting Buckle

The GoPro Bite Mount + Floaty features an integrated buckle for easy attachment to any other compatible GoPro mounts, like a surfboard mount. This lets you quickly change the perspective of your footage on the fly without having to take the camera back to the beach to swap adapters.

Ergonomic Mouth Piece

The flexible mouthpiece has a breathing hole that can be covered to prevent water from getting in your mouth if a large wave crashes overhead. It also has a rubber lip so you can talk while holding your GoPro camera in your mouth.

Easy-to-Spot Floaty

If you happen to drop your camera, the foam Floaty will keep it on the water’s surface and easy to pick-up. Thanks to its bright orange colour, it’s also super-easy to spot even in rough surf. The floaty for the HERO8 surrounds the entire camera, taking advantage of the elimination of The Frame in its more efficient design.

HERO 8 Black Version
  • GoPro Bite Mount with Floaty
  • Extension Piece with Set Screw
  • Thumb Screw


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