Prints Photos from Smartphone

Using the Fuji Instax Share Printer you can print photos directly from your smartphone or tablet whenever you want. This means that those special moments that you have on your portable device can be transformed into prints within minutes and used in art projects, given as presents, or just casually shown off stuck on the fridge at home.

Transfer Photos Using SHARE app and Wi-Fi

There is no need to use a bulky cable or card adapter to transfer your images to your mobile device. Simply by using the free Fuji SHARE app installed on your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet you can send a photo instantly to the Share SP-2 Printer using its Wi-Fi network.

Social Media Compatible

You can even use the SHARE app to quickly print photos that you have stored on your social media accounts like Instagram, Facebook or Twitter so you can share prints in real time with your friends and family. Images pulled from social media sites can be printed along with a profile picture and the amount of likes as well.

High Speed Printing

An updated laser exposure system allows for the quicker printing of photos on the Share SP-2 Printer which means that you can send in image to the printer and be holding it in your hands within 10 seconds.

High quality images

Images created with the Share SP-2 Printer have a size of 800 x 600 dots and a resolution of 320 dots per inch allowing for greater detail in the prints and higher quality shots. The images are the size of a credit card and measure 62mm x 46mm, they are the perfect size to fit in a wallet or purse and Fuji even sell a custom album for you to display your favourite shots.

Excellent Colour Preservation

The Share SP-2 Printer produces rich colours and avoids fading or discolouration of the prints over time. Colours with the Instax SHARE SP-2 are developed by a chemical reaction and this allows for your photos to retain their original color and sharpness over time.

Image Filters

Using the filters in the SHARE app you can edit the brightness, contrast and saturation of shots on your smartphone before printing them to take more control of how your snapshots look. You can also choice from a stack of preset filters like black and white, sepia and more.

Choice of Templates

The templates on the app help you create stunning collages by combining photos or you can even split one image into two before printing. The real time template allows for time, location, date and other information to be included in the print.

Rechargeable Battery and Reprint Button

There is a rechargeable battery onboard the Share SP-2 Printer that ensures that you can print photos even if it is not attached to the power mains. For recharging there is a cable provided which attaches to a micro USB port and an LED to indicate the amount of charge in the battery and also the amount of film left. The reprint button on the printer allows you to share a photograph with many people by printing multiple copies.