The Fujifilm GFX 50R delivers excellent medium format mirrorless shooting with a smaller, lighter body and a rangefinder design that make it incredibly portable and versatile. The sensor flaunts an ultra-high resolution of 51.4-megapixels with an ultra-wide tonal range that combined with Fujifilm’s world renown colour science offers photographers the ability the capture incredibly detailed images with faithful colour reproduction.

High-Resolution Medium Format

With a gigantic G-format 51.4-megapixel sensor that is 1.7x bigger than 35mm format full frame cameras, the 50R puts medium format high-resolution shooting in the hands of more photographers than ever before. The CMOS sensor’s incredibly wide tonal range and enhanced light sensitivity take image performance to the next level and the lack of an optical low-pass filter ensures that images are razor sharp.

14-Bit RAW files with 14-Stops of Dynamic Range

Quality is key, and Fuji understand the needs of high-end professional shooters, which is why the GFX 50 R has an ability to capture RAW images with a colour bit-depth of 14-Bit. This massive bit rate allows you to make the most of the sensors wide dynamic range of 14-stops.

High-speed Image Processing

The GFX 50R uses the same X-Processor Pro as many of Fujifilm’s X-Series cameras that crunches the data from the ultra-high-resolution sensor to ensure autofocus performance, start-up time and Fujifilm’s film simulation modes are optimised. The lightning fast processor reduces shutter release and shooting interval lag for ultra-responsive performance while shooting.

Rangefinder Body with 3.69 OLED EVF

Fujifilm’s digital cameras have always been a delicate blend of modern functionality with old world charm and the 50R is no exception. The ultra-sharp 3.69-million dot EVF boasts a magnification of x0.77 so you can compose your shot and confidently check focus with your right eye, while taking advantage of the rangefinder design to keep an eye on the surroundings using your left eye.

Portable, Lightweight and Versatile

The 50R is smaller and lighter than its big brother the GFX50S, weighing only 775g with a body that at its most narrow part is only 46mm thick. This makes this camera Fuji’s most compact and portable medium format mirrorless camera to date, which holds appeal for everyone from travel shooters to street photographers.

Get Comfortable with the Concept

With a focus on ergonomics and design, the Fujifilm GFX 50R is an elegant fusion of function and form. The surface of the camera uses a rubber material to provide a comfortable grip while the controls are milled out of aluminium blocks for a premium look and feel that only improves the experience of shooting with the camera.

Protected Against the Elements

Designed to go where you go, the GFX 50R is built from a magnesium alloy and has extensive weather sealing that ensures the camera is not only lightweight and portable but also incredible durable and robust. With a dust and water-resistant construction, the camera handles temperatures ranging from -10°C to 40°C and humidity from 10%-80%.

2.36M-Dot LCD Touchscreen with 2-Direction Tilting

At the rear of the GFX 50R is a high resolution 2,360K-dot LCD monitor with touch functionality that supports four direction flick control for toggling between display modes like histogram, highlights, electronic level and more. The large 3.2-inch size makes it easy to review your shots and tilts up and down to facilitate more creative shooting perspectives.

Dual UHS-II Card Slot

Professional photographers need to know that when they press the shutter on their cameras, the images that are created are also immediately backed up. Fuji included dual SD card slots that support ultra-fast UHS-II speeds and can be used to protecting against data loss or be setup to separate files types between cards for faster workflows.

Bluetooth Wireless Connectivity

The first medium format Fujifilm camera to feature a Bluetooth connection, the GFX-50R can be connected to a smartphone or tablet to enable geotagging, image transfer as well as remote camera operation. This can be used for landscape or astro photography to wirelessly trigger the camera without needing extra gear.

Updated Ports and Interface

With the inclusion of a USB-C port that support USB 3.1 Gen 1, the GFX 50R can easily be connected to a computer for tethered shooting. It also includes a HDMI port, so you can connect an external monitor and a PC Sync port that allows you to trigger flash units.

Full Frame and Then Some

Not just for medium format, the Fujifilm GFX 50R also has a 35mm mode which uses the pixels in the centre of the sensor and allows shooters to use the Fujinon GF lenses as well as the Super EBC Fujinon H-mount lenses with a compatible adapter for extreme optical performance.