The Feiyu G6 Plus 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal supports a wide variety of cameras weighing up to a maximum of 800g. This allows you to stabilise shots from your mirrorless, DSLR, compact or action camera, making this gimbal one of the most versatile kits available. With an optional adapter you can even mount your smart phone to shoot ultra-smooth cinematic footage.

Stable and Smooth Handheld Footage

A gimbal stabiliser counteracts the bumps and shakes that can ruin your footage by using three brushless motors that are designed to keep your camera stable. With 260° of tilt and 320° of roll movement, the stabiliser keeps your shots super-steady. The gimbal also boasts 360° of unlimited rotation so you can capture panoramas and ultra-smooth pans.

Unobstructed View

Traditional gimbals have a motor positioned directly behind the camera to control the roll axis but that can block the camera screen, making it difficult to see your shot. The G6 Plus has an innovative design that utilises a 35° elevation angle to keep the motor out of the way of the LCD, so you can see exactly what your recording.

Improved Stabilisation Performance

Building on the success of its predecessor, the G6 Plus features a new stabilisation algorithm that controls the high-performance motors to deliver better stabilisation than previous models. Not only is the gimbal more stable than ever but the motors are also super-quiet when in use, to keep your audio clean.

Wireless Camera Control

Connect the G6+ and your camera to a mobile device using the built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth functionality and the Feiyu On app so you can start/stop recording as well as control digital zoom and switch between different shooting modes directly from the controls on the gimbal. This means you can make quick adjustments while shooting, without touching your camera.

Control Your Smartphone with the Vicool App

Remotely control your mobile from the gimbal using the Vicool App, which allows you to zoom in or out, adjust focus with the control wheel and change settings like ISO, white balance and exposure compensation. The app supports face and object tracking, time-lapse modes and can be used to update firmware and modify motor settings on the gimbal.

Comfortable Ergonomic Controls

The position of the joystick allows you adust setting on the gimbal while keeping a solid grip on the handle, with a dial on the front for quick horizon adjustments. A new “Magic Focus Ring” can be used for precise adjustments to zoom and focus on compatible mobile devices as well as to modify camera settings. But it’s not just for settings the dial can also be used to adjust the three axes independently.

OLED Display Screen

Check your settings with a quick glance at the built-in OLED display on the gimbals handle. The screen shows battery levels, connectivity, as well as the gimbal current operation mode so you can stay on top of your shots and get the most out of your production.

Range of Power Options

High efficiency motors and energy-optimised algorithms enable the gimbal to deliver up to 12 hours of operation on a single charge. The battery is removable, so you can carry spares for off-the-grid long shoots and can be charged internally from a power bank. When you don’t need the full charge, you can even use the USB output port of the gimbal to recharge your mobile or camera.

Quick Set-Up & Balance Adjustment

With a thumbscrew on the sliding plate setting up the gimbal is easy and tool-free, so you can balance your camera quickly. A sliding mechanism ensures you can make quick adjustments on all 3 axes for precise balancing.

1/4-inch Accessory Mounting Threads

It’s simple to add extra accessories like LED lights, or sound gear to the G6+ with the two 1/4-inch sockets. One at the base of the handle allows you to add a tripod or monopod to the base and another on the side just above the adjustment dial is well positioned for a light or microphone.

Lightweight and Splash Proof Design

The Feiyu G6 + features a splash proof design that gives you the freedom to shoot in with confidence with a GoPro or other weather resistant camera. It is rated to withstand splashes, but not underwater use and it is recommended to avoid salt water.

Included Carry Bag

Easy to take along with you, no matter where your going, the Feiyutech G6+ comes with a padded carry bag for you to store and transport the gimbal ensuring it always stays safe and secure.