The Feiyu AK2000 is a motorised stabiliser with an impressive 12-hour run time, that removes shakes and bumps, allowing you to perform smooth cinematic camera movements. The angled roll motor positioned below the rear LCD allows you to clearly see your screen while the control dial and LCD touchscreen provide quick access to gimbal settings. The stabiliser also features a multi-functional “Magic Ring” that can be used to modify focus, zoom or to control all three of the gimbal’s motors independently.

Hold up to 2.8kg

Designed for mirrorless and DSLR camera gear, the ultra-large torque motors on the AK2000 support a payload from 250g-2800g and make use of an improved anti-shake algorithm to deliver super-smooth stabilisation performance. Despite the hefty maximum payload, the actual gimbal itself only weighs approximately 1200g and has a removable handle which makes it more convenient to transport.

Angled Rear Motor for Improved Visibility

The rear roll motor is positioned lower than traditional gimbals, allowing you to clearly see your cameras rear LCD screen to ensure that your shot is in focus and framed correctly. This functionality combined with a silicone rubber covering on the handgrip make the AK2000 one of the most comfortable and practical gimbals available.

Unique Touchscreen Control

Boasting a display screen with touch functionality is a first for gimbals and is designed to make selecting different gimbal models or changing settings easier. The gimbal also includes a lock screen button to protect against accidental use. Feiyutech have also provided the ability to change camera settings like ISO and white balance directly from the gimbal.

Large Control Dial

A large multi-functional control knob on the side of the gimbal handle allows you to change focus and zoom settings on your camera. Alternatively, with a long press you can enter axis direction mode and toggle between controlling the tilt, roll or pan axis motors of the gimbal independently with the dial.

Compatible with Manfrotto Quick Release Plate

Designed to be easy quick to balance the gimbal is compatible with the Manfrotto PL501 quick release plate. You can have the plate already mounted on your camera and for ultra-quick setup.

Stay Connected with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

With both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi modules the gimbal and camera can be connected via the Feiyu ON APP to allow adjustments. The app can also be used to modify the strength of the motors and check the firmware version of the gimbal.

Built-in Time-lapse and Auto Rotation Modes

Capture smooth looking time-lapse footage and setup your shot to move smoothly between pre-determined points with control over the recording and interval times as well. You can record incredibly time-lapses as well as stunning night time-lapses.

Choice of Gimbal Control Modes

The AK2000 features three main modes that gimbal operators will be familiar with. A lock mode sets the direction and pitch and locks every axis to keep the camera pointed the same direction no matter what. Or there is the pan follow mode, which ensures that the gimbal only follows the operator movements from left to right but doesn’t pitch up or down. Finally there is the all-follow mode that gives operator control over both the pitch and the panning axes.

Quick Response “Hunting Mode”

There is also a new mode, by holding the trigger button of the gimbal, it can be set it to the quick follow or “Hunting mode” that is designed for quick response, perfectly matched for those times when you need to keep up with fast moving subjects.

New “Space Mode” for Complete Flexibility

An all-new “Space Mode” allows for advanced control that gives the operator the ability to make the gimbal follow movements along all three axes. This means that in addition to following the pan and tilt movements like traditional gimbals, the AK2000 can also follow the roll axis for dramatic rotating shots.

Long Battery Life

The Feiyutech AK2000 takes four polymer lithium 2200mAh batteries and is capable of an impressive 12 hours of operation time when balanced properly. Combined with its compact design, this makes the gimbal an excellent addition to your travel film-making kit.

Supports a Range of Accessories

The Feiyutech AK2000 can be expanded with a range of additional accessories from Feiyutech like the multi-functional extension bracket that adds extra support and mounting points. There is also a co-axial double gear follow focus system for precise focus control as well as a carbon fibre extension rod, dual handle girp and even a body mount system.