DJI have made capturing moments from the air incredibly easy with the DJI Spark mini drone. Weighing only 300g and designed to be more portable than any other DJI drone the Spark captures 12-megapixel images and smooth Full HD footage from the sky. The mini drone detects your face with FaceAware technology and can take off and land on the palm of your hand, it can be controlled by simple hand gestures, so everyone can capture great aerial shots without a pilot’s licence.

Take the Spark with You Anywhere

An aerodynamic design fused with lightweight portability allows the DJI Spark to travel with you everywhere so your always ready to seize the best moments no matter where you are. The spark doesn’t even need a controller; it can be controlled by a mobile device or hand gestures making it ridiculously easy to make great images and video from the air.

Cinematic Smooth Video

With a compact 2-axis mechanical gimbal the mini drone stabilises flight movements and uses DJI’s UltraSmooth technology to allow you to capture cinematic, steady footage with dramatically reduced rolling shutter effect. This makes video shot on the Spark look extremely smooth allowing you to capture your creative vision without any distractions.

Powerful Imaging Technology

Image quality is one of the most important features and the Spark has more than enough to keep you satisfied. With a 1/2.3-inch image sensor that captures Full HD 1080p footage and 12-megapixel stills, the camera’s light sensitivity is excellent. The camera has a f/2.6 aperture wide angle lens with a 25mm equivalent focal length, it boasts a 5-element optical construction arranged in a single group to deliver excellent image quality and performance.

Unlock Your Creativity

DJI offer a range of versatile artistic shooting modes that help you create a variety of eye-catching images, like the panorama mode than helps you capture an ultra-wide scene for when one photo just doesn’t do the shot justice. There is also a Bokeh-style mode that uses 3D vision technology to shoot images with a super shallow depth of field.

Edit and Share On-the-go

Using the DJI GO 4 App, you can take advantage of automatic editing templates and a wide variety of filters to quickly edit your videos and images so you can share them straight away direct to your favourite social media platforms, keeping your followers up-to-date with your adventures.

Take the Guesswork out of Flight

A wide-selection of different flight modes give you a massive range of cinema-style movements you can perform from the air to produce astounding eye-catching footage. 

QuickShot Mode

This mode combines four of the most popular automatic drone flight movements. Rocket flies the drone straight up with the camera pointing downward for a captivatingly fresh perspective, the Dronie flies backwards and up at the same time and locks the camera on your subject. Circle performs a perfect rotation around a target and the Helix ascends while also spiralling around your subject.

TapFly Mode

Manual flight control made easy, by simply tapping your phone screen in the Co-ordinate mode the Spark will maintain a steady while flying to the location you touched. When set in the direction mode the drone will follow your lead and change direction and altitude when you touch the direction you want to fly. The drone uses sophisticated vision technology to actively sense and avoid obstacles while it navigates in the air.

ActiveTrack Mode

The advanced ActiveTrack mode identifies different size and shape objects and accurately tracks their movement to keep the composition perfect. The Trace mode follows any moving subject from the front or the back and can also be set to spiral around. The profile mode follows moving targets from a fixed perspective to capture consistent framing of your subject.

Gesture Mode

With gesture recognition, the mini drone can be controlled with simple hand motions so you don’t always need to bring a controller or mobile phone with you. Shooting can be trigged by waving, making a frame signal with your fingers and the position of the drone can be controlled by your hand movements.

Pilot Mode

If you’re a confident flyer and you want to take to the sky with uncompromised control, you can take advantage of the fully manual pilot mode which unlocks the fastest flying speeds, but also disables some of the DJI Sparks advanced flight protection functionality.

Stay Safe in the Air

A sophisticated FlightAutonomy system keeps the quadcopter safe during flight. GPS/GLONASS satellite support as well as a downward facing vision positioning system and forward-facing 3D sensors protects the Spark in the air and equip it with highly effective obstacle avoidance. The built-in protections return the drone to its home point when the battery gets too low or if connection is lost and DJI’s GEO system ensure you don’t accidentally fly too close to airports or stadiums.

Power, Speed and Portability

The Spark has been constructed to be lightweight, highly manoeuvrable and can reach speeds up to 50 kph in the dedicated sports mode. With a high-energy density LiPo battery, flight time is up to 16 minutes and its intelligent design delivers an accurate estimate of remaining power so you can get the most out of your time in the air with confidence.

Expandable Features

Although the DJI Spark is an incredibly capable aircraft, it’s functionality can be further improved with a series of DJI accessories, the DJI Spark controller allows you to take advantage of an impressive 2km 720p real-time video feed and provides finely tuned joysticks for precision flight control. The Spark is also compatible with the DJI goggles, which allows you to see a first-person-view from the air while also controlling the direction with your head movements.

Note: A mandatory firmware upgrade may be required prior to your first flight. Please view this video for further instructions.