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Canon Lens 2x Extender II

Canon Lens 2x Extender II

Canon EF Extenders are the ideal accessories for photographers who wish to increase the power and versatility of their existing lenses. EF Extenders work by increasing the distance between the film plane (or CCD) and the rear element of the lens. The extra distance increases the effective focal length of the lens to bring distant subjects closer. Canon EF Extenders are specially designed for many of Canon's large aperture EF lenses and retain all metering and AF functions with most of these.

This teleconverter is designed to Auto Focus with Canon L series Telephoto and Telephoto Zoom lenses with a maximum aperture of f/2.8 or faster. It will function with most L series Telephoto and Telephoto Zoom lenses with maximum apertures smaller than this but in Manual Focus only. For more information on teleconverter/lens compatibility please check Canon lens specifications.

Weight (g):



Lens Construction (elements/groups):



Overall Length:



Max. Diameter:



Dust and Moisture Resistance:




  • Outstanding optical performance that visually matches the images quality of the host lens.
  • Maintains AF operation within aperture limits of camera body. (Combines f/8 for EOS-1V and EOS-3 - f/5.6 for other EOS models.)
  • Maintains IS operation.
  • High level water and dust resistance equivelant to the EOS-1V and Super Tele L Series IS lens range - suitable for use in heavy rain.
  • O-ring seals protect the mounts and release lever.


    Telephoto Lens Accessory

    Designed to match Canon's telephoto L Series lens range with improved optical performance that visually matches the image quality of the host lens and high-level weather resistance.

    Standard inclusions with the EF2X II include;

    Extender Cap

    Lens Dust Cap E

    Lens Case LP811