The Canon EOS RP with ATF Accessory Kit includes all the essentials that any content creators require to begin shooting. This kit has been carefully curated and covers all the basic requirements –Tripod, Camera Wrap, Cleaning Cloth and Memory Card. Depending on your lens selection, this camera can capture stunning images for a variety of applications such as macro, landscape, portrait, product, and street photography as well as video content creation.

There comes a time where you can no longer hold the camera steady in your hand. The ATF Musketeer Tripod is ideal for both photographers and videographers. It keeps your camera still and you won't have to worry about any movement that will cause the camera to shake. Its compact, lightweight design suits a variety of situations.

Having a high speed, reliable memory card like SanDisk 64GB Extreme will speed up your workflow and unlock the full potential of your camera’s capabilities.

Taking care of your gear is one of the most crucial things that a content creator can do. The DCW Cleaning cloth helps you to protect your camera setup against dirt or dust. It let you clean your gears so that smudges don’t ruin your shots.