The Aputure Amaran AL-H198 On-Camera LED Video Light produces 920 lux of daylight balanced white light and can be easily mounted on your camera’s hot or cold shoe so that you can confidently shoot in dim light and capture correctly exposed images. Its frameless, lightweight body and modular design makes it a great solution for both on location and in studio shooting. 

Continuous LED Video Light

The Amaran AL-H198 LED Light uses 198 LEDs to deliver an impressive 920 lux maximum output measured at 1m from the light source. The 60° spread provides bright, even lighting to illuminates subjects in the foreground allowing you to shoot correctly exposed videos.

Accurate Colour Reproduction

The AL-H198 is daylight balanced with a 5500K colour temperature. With a Colour Rendering Index of 95+, the light panel offers accurate colour reproduction that allows you to capture the natural look of your subject. This is especially ideal for things like product photography and portraits.

Rotating Dimmer Control

The rotating dimming control on the back of the light allows you to adjust the brightness quickly and easily. Using the smooth, step-less dimmer, you can set the light intensity anywhere between 0 to 100% of its maximum power allowing you to get the perfect balance for your composition. 

Lightweight and Expandable Design

At just 325 grams, the Amaran LED panel can be easily attached to your camera’s accessory shoe using the supplied swivel mount adapter. The adapter has a ball joint that lets you position the light as needed. A frameless body with extension slots on the sides let you connect multiple AL-H198 lights to form a larger panel with up to 9 Lights in a single assembly. 

Uses Sony NP-F Style Batteries

The Amaran AL-H198 Panel accepts Sony NP-F style batteries and can also be powered by 6 AA batteries, with an LED indicator to display remaining charge. Sony NP-F batteries are available in different charge capacities depending on your needs and can be purchased separately. 

Diffuser and Orange Warming Filter

The Amaran LED Panel also includes a diffuser for softening the light output and an Orange filter for a warm light effect with similar results to shooting at sunset. Both filters snap on and off quickly, making it easy to customise your lighting effects when you need to.

Carrying Case Included

Topping off the Aputure Amaran AL-H198 LED Light is a convenient carry case for the panel and its accessories. The case is padded to help protect the panel from dust and light impacts, while helping keep your kit together and organised for easy transport and use.