Camera Mechanics Warranty by Digital Camera Warehouse

Camera Mechanics Warranty by Digital Camera Warehouse offers extended warranty coverage for a range of cameras and lenses. Extending your coverage provides peace of mind and ensures you are covered for up to 4yrs maximum should you have a warrantable failure. The Camera Mechanics Extended Warranty period begins once the initial period of the manufacturer’s warranty has expired and gives you the peace of mind you need for a longer period of time.

Camera Mechanics Warranties are affordable, easy to understand and easy to arrange at the time you purchase your item. Depending on the item you purchase, you may be able to choose a warranty for a one- or two-year period.

Camera Mechanics Extended Warranties are also available for purchase any time during the original manufacturer or distributor warranty period, giving you the flexibility to consider the benefits of longer-term protection. All warranties are transferable to the new owner if you sell your camera/equipment.

Other benefits include:

Camera Mechanics Warranty Benefits

If you have purchased equipment from Digital Camera Warehouse in recent months and now wish to purchase a Camera Mechanics Warranty, call us on 1300 365 220 within the standard manufacturer's warranty period. Alternatively, you can come into our Canterbury store.

*Please note that all digital cameras and lenses on Digital Camera Warehouse website come with a standard manufacturers' Australian warranty.


Making a Claim

Our goal at Digital Camera Warehouse is to ensure excellent service to our customers and to manage every claim in a professional and straight-forward manner so that making a claim is easy. Our customer service team will assist with clear actions and regular communication.

Before you make a claim, check for the following:

  • Is your camera/equipment switched on?
  • Check your camera’s battery – it may be missing or not charged
  • Check your memory card – it may be missing, full or require re-formatting
  • Check for foreign particles, liquids or signs of impact damage

If none of the above solves the problem, follow these steps to make a claim:

  1. Call 1300 459 885 or email cover@cameramechanics.com.au and provide details of your warranty number, equipment make, model and serial number
  2. Go through initial troubleshooting with our team over the phone
  3. Follow the return instructions as advised by the Camera Mechanics team
  4. We will confirm receipt, assess the item and send it to the manufacturer's in-house service centre
  5. Our team will keep in contact with you to provide progress updates and timeframes through to finalising the claim and returning your item


What do I do if I need to make a claim?

Call 1300 459 885 or email cover@cameramechanics.com.au and provide details of your warranty number, equipment make, model and serial number. Our team will assist you through the claim process.

What's Covered?

Your Camera Mechanics Warranty includes everything that is covered in the original manufacturer’s warranty. The benefit of our Extended Warranty is that you will have peace of mind beyond the period of the manufacturer’s warranty. Camera Mechanics will arrange repair and you will not have to deal with the manufacturer.

What isn't covered?

The Cover will be considered void if the equipment has been damaged by misuse, failure to follow operating and maintenance instructions, wear, impact, water/liquid, foreign particles, battery corrosion, unauthorised repair, or treated in any way which causes the equipment to malfunction.

Why should I buy protection through Camera Mechanics?

Your Camera Mechanics Extended Warranty will start after the initial period covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

This will give you:

  • Peace of mind for the duration of your Camera Mechanics Warranty
  • Restoration of your item to full working order, or replacement (depending on the item), using 100% genuine parts
  • Easy claims process and paperwork
  • Helpful staff who will assist you through the claim process
  • All service and repairs are carried out in authorised centres. No third party repairers
  • All shipping and insurance costs during the claims process are covered
  • Transferrable coverage if you ever decide to sell your camera/equipment

Do I have to pay for shipping to return my faulty item to you?

No. All shipping and insurance costs during the claims process are covered.

How should I send my item to you?

Once you contact our team, we will give you clear instructions on how to send your items to us.

How long will it take to get my repaired item back?

It could take between 4-8 weeks. The time it takes depends on numerous factors such as the availability of spare parts.

After repair, is my item still covered?

Yes. Your item is covered until the warranty end date on your Camera Mechanics Warranty certificate

Is my cover transferable?

Yes. Your warranty is transferable if you sell your camera/equipment. Call us on 1300 459 885 to talk through the steps.


If you have any questions about Camera Mechanics or want to extend your warranty, don’t hesitate to give our friendly team a call on 1300 365 220.

You can also find us online on Facebook and Instagram.