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Cokin Special Effects Filters

What are the main advantages of the COKIN CREATIVE FILTER SYSTEM compared to screw-in filters ?

Easy to use: Simply screw the adaptor ring onto your lens, snap the holder and slide the filter(s)!
Economical: If you have several lenses with different filter threads or sizes, you need only one set of square filters. With screw-in filters, you need one set of filters for each filter thread or size. It may thus be very costly.
Dedicated: The COKIN System will allow you to position the effect at your own will. Combination of filters is particularly easy and convenient. Both are impossible with screw-in filters.

Which series of Cokin Filters and Adaptors do I need?

The A Series Filter Holder is the smallest COKIN slot-in System and up to three filters can be used to create a unique effect. The A Series is recommended for lenses with filter thread sizes up to 62mm and focal lengths 35mm onwards (35mm format). Filters for the A Series System are 67mm wide.

The Cokin P Series consists of 2 different P Series Filter Holders. Both filter holders can be used for lenses with a filter thread size of up to 82mm. The P Series Standard Filter Holder is the ideal Filter-Holder to avoid vignetting on 35mm format lenses. Up to three filters can be used to create a unique effect. The P Series Wide-Angle Filter Holder (P299) is an extra slim holder which helps to eliminate vignetting down to 20mm focal length. It can hold 1 filter (can be a polarizer) and allows the use of filters with super wide lenses (focal lengths under 20mm) 35mm format.

The Cokin Z-PRO Series is specially adapted to Filter-Holders 100mm (4") filters and designed for medium format cameras as well as wide-angle lenses. Recommended for focal lengths from 20mm onwards (35mm format), it fits a large variety of lenses thanks to a range of adaptor rings covering the popular diameters up to 96mm. Additional rings designed for Hasselblad® B60/B70 and Rollei® are also available The Z-PRO Filter-Holder is designed to fit both FILM and DIGITAL technology in particular D-SLRs, Medium Format and VIDEO/BROADCAST cameras, either semi-professional or professional models ( among them the new HD format). Z-PRO Filter dimensions : - Standard Filters 100x100mm (4x4"). - Graduated Filters 100x150mm (4x6"). - Polarizer Filters Ø100mm.

The Cokin X Series are specially designed for medium and large format cameras as well as wide-angle lenses. Recommended for focal lengths from 15mm onwards (35mm format). This Series is also well adapted to prosumer and professional video cameras. For lenses up to 118mm. Filters are 130mm wide.

The Cokin Creative Filter System has over 380 filters. If the filter you would like is not listed here, please contact us.