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Velbon Ultra Luxi L II Tripod with QHD-51Q Ball Head

Velbon Ultra Luxi L II Tripod with QHD-51Q Ball Head

When you're travelling light and shooting on the run, you make greater demands on your tripod, all competing with each other. It has to pack down to the smallest size possible, preferably tucking neatly into your camera bag, but it should have a decent height so your photography is not restricted. It has to be quick to extend and lock so you don't lose the moments you've travelled so far to capture –and then pack away quickly so you can move on to the next great shot.

And with all these features put together, the finishing touch is a great price!
The Ultra LUXi L II is Velbon's newest solution to that challenge. With an extended height of 158cm (62 inches) it positions your camera near eye level. And yet its length when collapsed down is just 398mm (15.6 inches) – compact enough to fit easily inside your camera bag.

This extended/collapsed ratio of almost 1/4 is made possible with construction in 5 leg sections, whereas the average tripod has just 3 or 4. A greater number of leg sections in a tripod might be expected to require more time to erect and dismantle, but Velbon's clever patented solution is to design the Ultra LUXi L II for a seamless movement of twist-to-unlock, extend and twist-to-relock which, with just a quick practice, takes literally a couple of seconds for each leg.

Replacing more conventional leg locking mechanisms such as levers and even the locking-nut system found in Velbon's GEO series, the locking system in the Ultra LUXi L II allows almost all of the length of each leg section to contain the others inside it when collapsed, making it especially compact. Like many others in the Ultra range, the LUXi L II has a split centre column which allows it to shoot as low as 18.6cm (7.3").

The Ultra LUXi L II includes the QHD-51Q Ball and Socket Head, allowing rapid set-up and secure equipment support. With an ideal weight of 3 kilograms, the Ultra LUXi L II stabilises a medium-sized SLR with fast telephoto lens.

Velbon Ultra Luxi L II Tripod with QHD-51Q Ball Head, In use.


Specifications of the Velbon Ultra Luxi L II Tripod with QHD-51Q Ball Head

Model name

Ultra LUXi L II

Max. extended height

158cm (62")

Lowest height

18.6cm (7.3")

Collapsed length

39.8cm (15.6")

Number of leg sections


Diameter of leg


Head (supplied)

QHD-51Q Ball and Socket Head



Ideal capacity


Centre extension


Leg extension


* Specifications, appearance, functionality, etc may be changed without prior notice.