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Sony A-Mount Lenses (SLR/SLT)

To assist you in finding the lens you are wanting, we have broken down Sony lenses in to categories.

Sub Categories:
All Lenses for Sony
Wide Angle Zoom - Lenses’ with focal length of 16mm or less.
Standard Zoom - Lenses with reach under 200mm OR as wide as 16mm or less
Telephoto Zoom - Lenses with reach 200mm or greater regardless of how wide they
Wide Angle - Lenses with fixed focal length of 30mm or less, including fisheyes.
Standard - Lenses with fixed focal length between 30mm and 100mm.
Telephoto - Fixed focal length lenses between 100mm and 300mm.
Super Telephoto - Fixed focal lengths greater and including 300mm.
Macro - Lenses with macro feature both zoom and fixed focal length lenses.
Specialty - Fisheyes, lensbaby, bellows, teleconverters and more!