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Slik 813CF Carbon Fibre Tripod Legs plus SH-705E Pan Head

Slik 813CF Carbon Fibre Tripod Legs plus SH-705E Pan Head

The SLIK PRO 813 CF tripod uses space-age multi-layer carbon fibre material to reduce weight and improve rigidity for a more stable camera support. This model uses three leg sections to fold down to an easily manageable 63.5 cm. Its compact size and light weight of just over 1.6 kg makes it the perfect tripod for backpacking and hiking. Despite its folded size, the PRO 813 CF tripod will reach eye-level when fully extended.

The PRO 813 CF has SLIK Twist-Lock Leg Locks to insure sturdy camera support. The Twist-Lock legs allow the tripod to support up to 5.44 kg of camera equipment, more than enough to handle a digital SLR. The tripod is an excellent traveller, and can easily be strapped onto most of today's photo backpacks.

The maximum height reaches 162.5 cm (eye level). For low-angle photography the PRO 813 CF has SLIK multi-angle leg locks that allow the angle of each leg to be positioned individually. The PRO 813 CF’s centre column is actually two threaded pieces that unscrew to convert the top piece into a short column. This combined with the multi-angle legs locks the tripod to lowered to under 8 inches from the ground for low-angle or macro photography in the field. Another benefit of the multi-angle leg locks is the tripod's ability for easy setup and positioning on uneven ground like rocks or steps. Tripod bag not included. Rock bag included.

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Maximum Operating Height:

64 in. / 1,625mm

Minimum Operating Height:

7.90 in. / 200 mm

Maximum Centre Column Extension:

11.8 in. / 300 mm

Folded Length:

25.00 in. / 635 mm


3.55 lbs. / 1,610 grams

Number of Leg Sections:


Leg Lock Type:

Twist Lock

Maximum Load:

12.00 lbs. / 5,440 grams

Head Mounting Screw:



3 Years


* Specifications subject to change by the manufacturer without notice