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Panasonic External Flash DMW-FL360E (GN36)

Panasonic External Flash DMW-FL360E (GN36)

The Panasonic DMW-FL360 External Flash Features a medium intensity flash with automatic light adjustment (up to GN36). The wide panel covers 16 mm wide angle of view (35 mm camera equivalent). Bounce photography is also possible, as you can rotate the light-emitting face 97° vertically and 270° horizontally. The FL360E has an FP TTL AUTO mode that repeatedly emits high-speed FP flashes making it possible to use the flash at even faster shutter speeds. You can also set the camera to take a variety of flash shots, such as red-eye reduction, slow sync. and 2nd-curtain sync.

Compatible with the following Panasonic Lumix Digital, DSLR and G-series Compact System Cameras:

FZ10^ / FZ20^ / FZ30^ / FZ50 / FZ100 / FZ150 / G1 / G2 / G5 / G6 / G10 / GF1 / GF2 / GF6 / GH1 / GH2 / GX1 / L1 / L10 / LC1^ / LC5^ / LX3 / LX5

Specifications of the Panasonic FL360 Flash

Power requirements DC 3.0 V
Batteries recommended for use AA alkaline dry batteries (LR6) x 2 /
AA rechargeable nickel metal hydride batteries (Ni-MH) x 2
Charging time (from full flash until the [TEST/CHARGE] button lights) Approx. 8 sec: AA alkaline dry batteries
Approx. 7.5 sec: AA rechargeable nickel metal hydride batteries
Firing period Approx. 1/20,000 to 1/500 sec
(varies depending on the flash intensity; FP firing excluded)
Number of flashes (with full flash) Approx. 120 flashes: AA alkaline dry batteries
Approx. 200 flashes: AA rechargeable nickel metal hydride batteries (2,700 mAh type)
(differs depending on the photo taking conditions)
Bounce angle Upward: 0 to 90 degrees
Downward: 0 to 7 degrees
Toward the right: 0 to 90 degrees
Toward the left: 0 to 180 degrees
Power-saving mode Coupled to power-saving mode of a digital camera having communication capability
AF assist lamp Only for combinations with phase-difference AF system digital camera having communication capability. Approximate distance enabling automatic lighting at low-brightness levels: 1 to 5 m. (differs depending on the digital camera and type of lens used)
* Not available when used with LUMIX G series as they adopt contrast AF system.
Guide number Automatically selected
36: At 42 mm setting (85 mm equivalent to a 35 mm camera)
20: At 12 mm setting (24 mm equivalent to a 35 mm camera)
8/10 selected: When the wide panel is used
Lighting angle Automatically selected

At 12 mm setting:
61 degrees up/down, 78 degrees left/right
(view angle of 12 mm lens covered)*
At 42 mm setting: 21 degrees up/down, 28 degrees left/right
(view angle of 42 mm lens covered)*
Using wide panel: 83 degrees up/down, 101 degrees left/right
(view angle of 8 mm lens covered)*

* When “FOUR THIRDS” applies as the ZOOM display

Dimensions Approx. 67 (W) x 108 (H) x 95 (D) mm
(excluding the projecting parts)
Weight Approx. 270 g (main unit)
Approx. 320 g (including batteries)
Operating temperature 0 to 40 °C
Operating humidity 10 to 80 %RH (no condensation)

* Specifications subject to change by the manufacturer without notice

^ TTL metering does not function. Can be used in manual flash mode only.