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Olympus Teleconverter Lens 1.7x  for C740-770/4000/5000/5050 #TCON-17

Olympus Teleconverter Lens 1.7x for C740-770/4000/5000/5050 #TCON-17

Extend the capabilities of your digital camera with the TCON-17 Tele Conversion lens. This telephoto lens will increase the magnification of your subject by 1.7x when your camera lens is set to the telephoto position. This will help you bring in the subject when you can't get closer, for example, shooting sports or concerts.


Compatible with the following Olympus digital cameras:

  • The following cameras require the CLA-1 lens adapter and 43-55mm Step-Up Ring: C-2000/2020/2040/3000/3020/3030/3040/4000/4040/5050 Zoom
  • The following cameras require the CLA-4 lens adapter: C-740/750/765/770, SP-500/510 Ultra Zoom
  • The following cameras require the CLA-10 lens adapter: SP-550 /  P-565 / SP-570 
  • The following cameras require the CLA-11 lens adapter: SP-590

Please Note: This lens is not compatible with the C-700/720/730 Ultra Zoom digital cameras due to the type of lens design used by these cameras.


Note: Teleconversion lenses extend the camera's telephoto range. This lens is not intended for use at wide-angle zoom settings. Zooming to a wide-angle setting with this lens attached will cause darkening on the frame of the image.