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Gift Ideas for Special Occasions

Easter Holidays

In Australia, Easter marks the end of summer and the last family getaway before winter. Christmas is well and truly over, so cameras are at their cheapest. So if you are yet to take the plunge, or if you need to upgrade, now is the time. For those who want a pro-consumer SLR camera, they are now at their cheapest.  If you are in the market for your first digital video camera, there is a great selection available from the reliable Canon, JVC, Panasonic and Sony brands.  For those after a digital point and shoot camera, have a look at these. 

Mothers Day

Second Sunday in May. Everybody should have a Digital Camera including your Mum. It does not have to be a big SLR that you carry around. The Canon Ixus range are ultra compact quality cameras that are easy to use.  Cheaper entry level cameras include the Canon Powershot A-series cameras. If you Mum would like a very funky carry bag, have a look at our huge selection of cases, bags and packs.

Winter in the Snow Fields

The perfect digital camera for your winter adventures and extreme sports is the tough waterproof cameras made by Olympus and Pentax.  As well as great still photos, these compact camera captures high quality videos, limited only by the size of your memory card. They make great posts to YouTube. 

Christmas in July

Many expatriates from the Northern Hemisphere miss their cold winters - so as well as celebrating Christmas in the middle of the hot Australian summer, they have mid-winter Christmas in July celebrations to capture the special atmosphere of a winter Christmas. Gift giving optional.

Fathers Day

First Sunday in September. Every Dad deserves a camera! If he already has a camera, consider getting him some accessories like the Gorillapod tripods that attach the camera to any surface.


Digital cameras and accessories are very popular gifts for the Christmas stocking. From budget through to PRO-SLR cameras, we have the full range to take care of your Christmas gift list - or just give them Gift Vouchers. How easy is that!