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Hähnel Combi TF Remote Control & Flash Trigger – Olympus

Hähnel Combi TF Remote Control & Flash Trigger – Olympus

Capture the perfect shot and manage a wireless studio environment with the Combi TF - a wireless remote shutter release and remote flash trigger in one.



Remote Flash Trigger


Manage your studio effectively using multiple receivers to fire several portable flash units or studio lights simultaneously – ideal for a wireless studio environment.

The wireless functionality of the Combi TF means that you can move the flash units or studio lights to the best location to achieve the ultimate shot, without annoying cables lying around.

The Combi TF uses high-tech, reliable FSK 2.4GHz frequency, which is a worldwide license-free technology.



·         Fire your flashes wirelessly up to 100m range

·         2.4GHz frequency range – overcomes the limitations of optical slave triggers that require line-of-sight communication with the flash

·         16 selectable channels via 4 pole DIP switch allows you to select the best frequency to avoid interference from other devices or users

·         Extra receivers available (sold separately) to control more flash units/studio lights

·         Studio light cable available (sold separately) with3.5mm and 6.35mm phone jack connections for connecting receivers to the sync socket of your studio lights

·         Has 2 power modes: mode I for normal use to save battery energy; mode II is for use when flash brand and camera brand are not the same

·         Optimized for Olympus flashes and compatibility with other brands is not guaranteed

·         Receiver is powered by 2x AAA batteries; Transmitter powered by 1x CR2032 battery

·         Transmitter mounts onto camera’s hot shoe and locks in place via screw-down locking ring

·         Flash mounts onto receiver’s top hot shoe. Receiver mounts to light stands via shoe mount accessories (not included) and locks in place via screw-down locking ring. Can also be mounted to tripods or other accessories that have ¼ inch thread screw






Wireless Remote Shutter Release



Take your best shots with the versatile Combi TF.

Equipped with interchangeable cables for all major brands, the Combi TF is the ideal remote control for practically all DSLR Cameras.

For wildlife, landscape or sports photography, simply fix your camera to a tripod and capture that perfect moment.


·         Compact and lightweight

·         Shutter release

·         Auto focus

·         Continuous shooting

·         Bulb mode

·         4-second timer delay

·         Receiver mounts to camera’s hot shoe and connects via supplied dedicated cable

·         Shutter button on top of transmitter activates camera’s shutter






Combi TF
Wireless Remote Control for Olympus DSLR

Pen E-P1/E-P2/E-1 / E-10 / E-100 / E-20 / E-3/E-30/ E-450
E-420 / E-410/ E-400 / E-620 / E-550 / E-520 / E-510
SP-510UZ / 550UZ / 560UZ / 565UZ/570UZ/590UZ

Up to 100m


* Specifications subject to change by the manufacturer without notice