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Elinchrom D-Lite it 2 To Go Lighting Kit (includes skyport)

Elinchrom D-Lite it 2 To Go Lighting Kit (includes skyport)

D-Lite it compact flashes are the entry into the world of Elinchrom lighting with top technology. The ''it'' stands for Intelligent Triggering. The outfit contains two D-Lite it 2 (200 ws) with built-in Skyport receivers, one EL Skyport ECO Transmitter, to trigger flashes without cable and two Portalite softboxes 66 x 66 cm. Ideal for home and semi-professional users who also require ultra portable lighting.


What's NEW - Added Value

  • EL-Skyport ECO Transmitter is included in each D-Lite it set.
  • EL-Skyport Receiver built-in for triggering and Frequency Channel settings
  • EL-Skyport with 4 Frequency Channels, compatible with the ELS Transmitter and ECO Transmitter
  • EL-Skyport with 4 Groups, available with the EL Skyport Transmitter (not available with ECO)
  • EL-Skyport Speed Sync Mode, for fast synchronisation up to 1/250 s, compatible with the ECO
  • Red Eye pre-flash management system
  • New housing re-design, robust, function and elegance in one go
  • New reflector bayonet with speed locking, accepts Rotalux softboxes up to 135 cm
  • New larger, rubberised handle with spare fuse storage
  • New pro stand bracket




D-Lite it Facts


  • Cooling Fan
  • Plug-In flash tube, user replaceable
  • Integral reflector, designed to maximise power efficiency combined with our plug-in omega flashtube precisely positioned avoids the inherent uneven illumination produced by non-concentric or U-shaped flashtubes.
  • Elinchrom Reflector Bayonet, fits EL-Accessories
  • Digital Controls
  • Sensitive Photocell
  • Compatible with EL-Skyport Universal
  • Low 5V Sync voltage protects cameras
  • Norm conform for your security
  • Use Elinchrom D-Lite it to start your lighting experience


The D-Lite it offers new advanced features and a new look.

The re-design of the housing, with new structured finish, incorporates a bigger, more practical handle with support for a spare fuse. The new robust Tilt Head Bracket offers the centred 7 mm umbrella fitting and an additional support for bigger umbrella shafts.


NEW // EL-Skyport Receiver Included.

D-Lite it can be triggered using the EL-Skyport Transmitter ECO (included) or SPEED (sold separately). “Group” and “Channel Frequency” settings can be customised on each D-Lite it unit.


Available features with the new EL-Skyport Transmitter ECO (included)


  • Four selectable Frequency Channels
  • Programmable NORMAL SYNC Mode up to 1/160 s or SPEED SYNC Mode up to 1/250 s


Available features with the new EL-Skyport Transmitter SPEED (sold separately)


  • Four selectable Frequency Channels
  • Four selectable independent Groups
  • Programmable NORMAL SYNC Mode up to 1/160 s or SPEED SYNC Mode up to 1/250 s



NEW // Eye-Cell Automatic & Manual Mode

Some cameras may release before the main-flash, several pre-flashes to avoid the red eye effect. In this case a normal photocell would respond and release a flash with the first pre-flash of the camera. To avoid incorrect synchronization the intelligent Elinchrom Eye-Cell detects camera pre-flashes. The Eye-Cell function can be activated in “Automatic Mode” or in “Manual Mode”, even configuring LED pre-flashes.



Reset to manufacturers default settings if units are differently programmed for individual use.


Temperature controlled FAN management

The cooling fan switches ON automatically if the internal temperature increases. The microprocessor controls the temperature and the fan. If the ventilation is blocked or the fan does not work, the display shows E8.


Power and Modelling Lamp

Flash power adjustments are in 1/10th steps per touch. The modelling lamp can be controlled proportional, or set to minimum and maximum level or switched off.



What’s in the box?


2 x D-Lite 2 it Lights
1x Elinchrom Skyport Transmitter ECO
1 x Protective cap
2 x Portalite Softbox 66 x 66 cm
1 x 16cm Reflector
1 x Carrying bag for two D-Lite's
1 x Carrying bag for two stands
2 x Stands 85 - 235 cm
1 x User manual
2 x Modelling lamps




Technical data
Ws / Joule


D-Lite 2 it

D-Lite 4 it





Power range f-stop




Power range Ws




Power adjustment



1/10 f-stops

Recycling time, min. / max. (230 V)


0.2 / 0.6

0.35 / 1.2

Recycling time, min. / max. (115 V)


0.2 / 0.8

0.35 / 1.6

Flash duration




Power stability



Auto Power Dumping


Applies power settings automatically



Multi voltage, 90-260 V

Modelling lamp


100W/E27 - effective 150W

Modelling lamp setting


Proportional, full, low, off



Plug-in, user replaceable

Umbrella fiting


Centred tub, for EL-umbrellas ø 7mm

Sync voltage


5V compatibility with digital cameras


* Specifications subject to change by the manufacturer without notice