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The Essentials:

Take Creative Control

The edelkrone FocusONE is designed for videographers and filmmakers who want complete control. Its precise build quality, for which edelkrone is renown is combined with an innovative design that makes it easier for the camera operator to have eliminate a dedicated focus puller and take complete creative input over the scene themselves.

Rear-Facing Marker Disc

Its' simple yet innovative design places the marker disc usually pointed away and to the side of camera, directly in the line-of-sight of the camera operator. This simple improvement makes it easy to keep an eye on the scene while achieving push or pull focus effects. Perfect for a one-man crew and indie filmmakers.

Independent Marker Disc Rotation

Additionally, the marker disc can be rotated independently to the focus knob, eliminating the need to repeatedly mark and clean the marker disc when setting a new focal point. However, if you do need multiple marking points, a white disc is also supplied to allow you to use your preferred marker to set your points manually.

Superior Accuracy

Touted as the most precise follow focus in the world, the marker disc on the FocusOne is placed in direct contact with the focus ring rather than on the focus knob. This eliminates issues such as gear play by indicating the exact position of your focus based on its actual position rather than based on the position subject to movement in the gear box.

High Quality, Compact Design

Made from CNC machines aluminium, its compact design is ideal for DSLR and mirrorless shooters, allowing additional accessories such as matte boxes to be fitted without obstruction.

Compatible with Cinema Lenses

The Edelkrone Focus One uses a universal 0.8 pitch gear making it directly compatible with professional cinema lenses out of the box. The FocusOne also includes a Lens Gear ring that will fit most DSLR and mirrorless lenses to ensure you can adapt the setup to your existing gear.


(L x W x H) 160 x75 x 27 mm



Carrying Capacity

Up to 6.8 kg

Mounting Options

1/4-inch mounting screw on top. 1/4-inch mounting port on bottom. 1/4-inch to 3/8-inch mounting screw adaptor is provided.


CNC machined aluminium construction with delrin components and stainless-steel screws.


* Specifications subject to change by the manufacturer without notice
  • Edelkrone FocusOne
  • Edelkrone Lens Gear
  • White Marker Disc


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