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Hi, I’m Sharyn McKissock from Digital Camera Warehouse.


How many times today has a staff member in your council used a digital camera? It could have been in any department, ranging from a child care centre through to road works, from building approvals to sewage maintenance. It’s probably hard to guess how many times someone has reached for the recording device which has become such an integral tool in so many council jobs. It’s getting to the stage where some council staff I speak to can hardly remember how they managed in the days before digital cameras.


Gosford City Council buys and uses a lot of digital cameras. The reason that the Purchasing Officer doesn’t talk to us anymore is because he and I have come to know each other pretty well. These days, he just puts a purchase order on the fax machine when he wants something – and three days later the goods are in his hands.


It wasn’t always like this – in the early days the PO and I had lots of conversations about which cameras were most suitable for certain uses. But over time he’s come to trust our extensive web site. When someone at the Council wants to buy a camera, the purchasing office sends them a link so they can have a look at the site themselves and work out what they want – and then he just puts in the order.


It’s not just our web site that keeps this purchasing officer coming back. The thing that attracted him to us in the first place was our low price policy. Our prices easily beat those of government contract holders, because they are always well below recommended retail. I’ll just give you one example because there are dozens on our website – the Canon Powershot S5is has a recommended retail price of $699, but you can buy it from us today for $589 (we also have below recommended retail price deals on Casio, Fuji, Kodak, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic, Pentax, Ricoh and Sony).


It wasn’t just price that made his mind up. Like many purchasing officers, he had council-imposed limits on using a credit card. What he needed was 30 day terms for payment – something that’s almost disappeared in this digital age of instant purchase and credit card payment. Because he was a council client, he automatically qualified for our 30 day account.


So there you have it. Gosford City Council’s purchasing office first chose to use us because of price, convenience and a great product range, which is easily accessible on our website. He keeps using us because our insured courier deliveries are always reliable, our prices always stay low, our credit terms suit him and he can talk to a real person if he has a question.


Maybe, like him, you’ll think this adds up to an attractive picture for a purchasing officer and you will also have automatic approval for a 30 day credit account.


If you want to get in touch with me in the meantime, go right ahead – my phone number is 1300 365 220 and my email address is




Sharyn McKissock

Government Sales