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Cokin Filter Kit - H200 P-Series Portrait 1

Cokin Filter Kit - H200 P-Series Portrait 1

Cokin H200 P-Series Portrait Kit 1 includes a Cokin P-Series Filter Holder*, a P027 Warm (81B) Filter, P071 Incolor 2 Centre Spot Wide-Angle Filter and a P840 Diffuser 2 Filter.


* requires adapter ring to mount filter holder to the front of your particular lens. P-series adapter rings are available to suit various filter thread sizes.





P027 Warm Filter (81B)


Warm up your colours; give your models a flattering tan.

Around noon, the intense light of the sun gives your beach and mountain photos a bluish cast. Mist-shrouded sun gives an identical effect. In the tropics, this effect is accentuated. COKIN Warm Filters lend natural colouring to your photos by warming up and correcting ambient light. In portrait work, these filters give your models a sun tan whatever the location or time of the year. Slightly orange-tinted, they adapt to every situation depending on the light available. Warm filter P027 is particularly adapted to portrait work.




P071 Incolor 2 Centre-Spot Wide-Angle Filter


Concentrates attention on your principal subject; allows you to isolate your subject in a group photo.

COKIN Centre-Spot Filters are designed mostly for portrait and still life work. They also give excellent results with landscapes, architecture and sports, when attention needs to be drawn to the principal subject : for example a bunch of flowers, statues, details of architecture, a car hubcap, a ship’s wheel, etc. They may be used as coloured or neutral diffuser masks when the surroundings do not harmonize with the composition. P071 is for focal lengths between 21 and 35 mm




P840 Diffuser 2 Filter


A filter which makes skin look softer and hair look more silky and shiny.

The surface of COKIN Colourless Diffuser Filters is slightly granulated, which diffuses strong light without affecting the clarity of the image up to about 135 mm. In portrait work, small skin defects are eliminated. Facial contrast and wrinkles are also softened away. COKIN Colourless Diffuser Filters also soften the contrasts and contours of rugged landscapes.