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Gomite tiltpod Micro Tripod

Gomite tiltpod Micro Tripod

Introducing tiltpod – the world’s smallest always-on micro tripod! Amazingly small and versatile, the tiltpod always stays connected to the wrist strap of your compact digital camera. When you want to take a shot just sit the camera on the tiltpod’s high-grip magnetic base and shoot away. Perfect for taking sharp low-light shots, self-timer group shots, or for stable video, the tiltpod holds onto inclined or uneven surfaces such as wood or rocks. A stainless steel micro-positioning pivot provides a maximum range of motion and precision control for composing your photos. Tiltpod is the first truly pocketable camera support. No more digging through your bag for a tripod, and no more precarious balancing your expensive compact camera. Just attach tiltpod to your camera’s wrist strap and you are always ready to get the perfect shot, wherever you are!

Note: Tiltpod is only suitable for small compact cameras. is not large enough to support DSLR or compact system cameras with interchangeable lenses.

Gomite tiltpod Micro Tripod
Gomite tiltpod Micro Tripod
Gomite tiltpod Micro Tripod
* Camera not included. For illustrative purposes only

Key Features

Support your compact camera virtually anywhere! - The grippy base and magnetic 360 degree pivot allow you to position your camera on just about any surface.

Finally Put Yourself in the Photos - Quickly rest and angle your camera on just about any surface for that perfect hands-free couples shot.

Capture Crisp, Blur-Free Night Shots - Easily hold your camera steady to capture sharp long-exposure night shots.

Pocketable and Always-on – As tiltpod is always attached to your camera strap and small enough to fit in your pocket with your camera you will never be caught out without a camera tripod.

Compatible with Digital Video Recorders - Hold your Flip/Bloggie-style personal video camera at just the right angle for hands free video recording.

What's in the box?

Camera wrist strap
Magnetic Tiltpod base
Screw-in pivot point (screws into camera’s tripod socket)
Adhesive pivot point (for when camera’s tripod socket is not centrally located)