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Kenko Variable NDX Filter - 77mm

Kenko Variable NDX Filter - 77mm

Kenko's uniquely designed variable neutral density filter provides the equivalent effective brightness range of ND 2.5 to ND 450 (up to ND 1,000 though patterns and colour shifts can occur). The Kenko NDX Variable ND Filter utilises the polarisation cancellation effect to reduce light transmission by using two stacked circular polarising filters. Its depolarisation plate minimises colour shifts by using two layers of polarising film and is Digital Multi-Coated to greatly reduce the appearance of lens flare and ghosting caused by reflections.

By using a variable ND filter you can reduce the number of filters you need to carry with you, never having to change between different strength filters mid-shoot. Not having to stack ND filters means you will also experience less problems with vignetting.

Neutral Density filters are useful for achieving slow shutter-speed effects in daylight as well as being able to use larger apertures for shallower depth-of-field in brightly-lit situations, without overexposing and clipping highlights.

For HD video-enabled cameras, use the Variable NDX filter to easily adjust light control and shutter speed. The Variable NDX filter makes it simple to produce blurred background effects, simulate a night scene or create manual fade in / fade out effects. It is also perfect for use in bright locations such as at the beach, in the snow, or for city scapes.

Exposure Values Chart

The Variable NDX filter changes exposure values by rotating the front element of the filter. In order to evaluate the correct exposure to use, please refer to your camera's built in meter. (Please note: The scale position on the side of the filter is not proportional to ND values).

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