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The Psychology Behind Real Estate Photos That Sell Course

The Psychology Behind Real Estate Photos That Sell Course

Learn how to take Real Estate photos that sell - at last a fast and affordable way to learn the things you really need to know about real estate photography! There is plenty of information about the psychology of selling a home but there is no information about how to photograph a home to meet the psychological needs of your customers.


90% of buyers first saw their home on the internet

It is a fact that people are visual and rely on photos to make their first initial judgments. People surf the web looking at page after page of homes for sale. So what causes a person to put a particular home on their short list? Its psychology that causes a person to have an affiliation with one property and not with another I have researched the psychological reasons why people choose one home over another. There are seven psychological stages. In this course I will show you how to photograph to meet their buying needs.

“A person must have a psychological affiliation with a property or they will not buy”

You can save thousands of dollars a month taking your own real estate shots. Often your shots will be better than the professionals and you will have the edge, as you will know how to shoot for the 7 psychological triggers.

“Your aim as an agent is to get as many people calling you for appointments as possible”


Do you want added tutor support
with these training DVDs?

Here's What You Get in the DVDs

DVD 1: Understanding Camera Settings

This DVD takes you through the 7 settings that you need to know for taking photos that look professional.

If you are sick of just getting ordinary photos because you have your camera set on automatic. This section of our course will get you up and running quickly and easily with me showing you each step in a watch and learn format.

Every camera is different not only in brand but also model, all cameras have the same settings which get basically the same results from a fairly low end camera right up to some of the expensive models. The trouble starts when you get your new camera out and find the manual 5cm's thick with information.

Yes there are some crucial settings for your camera but manufacturers love to hide them within the other 100 settings that you can achieve on their camera.

Luckily you only need to concentrate on around seven of them to be able to get professional images just like I do.

In this DVD I give you the theory on a white board then I take you our into the street just as though you were present on a course with me and I show you how each setting works and the result. It will revolutionize the way you will take photos from now on. You will save thousands of dollars each year taking your own real estate photos.

DVD 2: Understanding Psychological Triggers

In this disk I will show you how to photograph a home in a way that will satisfy all seven psychological triggers.

How did this course eventuate? I am a fashion photographer and was called in as a favour to re-photograph a property that had been on the market for over 12 months. Fashion photographers photograph in a different way to all other photographers. We create emotion in our photographs to sell products and services. I did the re-shoot and the property sold within 7 days with two buyers bidding on the property. A fluke? No, because buying a home will always be an emotional sale.

DVD 3: Using Photoshop to Enhance your Photos

How to give your photos a wow factor in Photoshop this is a bonus disk for those who want to go all the way.

This disk completely bypasses the large manual and complicated tutorials and goes straight to the meat of what you really need to know! You will be amazed at what you can do after following these easy lessons.

In this disk you will be shown just what you need to know without going into a lot of unnecessary tools that photographers just don’t need.

Developed by photo-Imaging teacher David Pix for the real estate photographer who needs to be shown step by step how to digitally enhance and retouch their real estate photos.