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Cokin H230 P Series Wedding Filter Kit

Cokin H230 P Series Wedding Filter Kit

Cokin H230 Wedding Filter Kit includes a Cokin P-Series Filter Holder*, P072 Centre Spot Wide Angle Grey 1 Filter, P148 Wedding 1 White Filter, P840 Diffuser 2 Filter.


* requires adapter ring to mount filter holder to the front of your particular lens. P-series adapter rings are available to suit various filter thread sizes.





P072 Centre Spot Wide Angle Grey 1 Filter (21mm – 35mm)

Concentrates attention on your principal subject; allows you to isolate your subject in a group photo. COKIN Centre-Spot Filters are designed mostly for portrait and still life work when attention needs to be drawn to the principal subject. They may be used as coloured or neutral diffuser masks when the surroundings do not harmonize with the composition.


P148 Wedding 1 White Filter

Provides a diffused white arc effect to soften the lower portion of the image and draw attention to the subject.


P840 Diffuser 2 Filter

COKIN DIFFUSER and PASTEL Filters bring a gentle and romantic atmosphere to your photos. They allow a more gentle and subtle interpretation of your subjects, far removed from aggressive lighting, bright colour, and the opposition of contrasts. The effect of DIFFUSER and PASTEL Filters may be described as follows:- softens, controls, diminishes, blurs, filters.